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Saturday, October 03, 2015

"Eyebrow" Portlights are In

We call these "eyebrow" portlights for lack of a better word. They are wide thin portlights installed on the forward facing deck surface where the forward cabin trunk transitions upward to the main cabin trunk.

Down below one can see the "factor of three" taking shape.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Headliner/Hull Liner Material

While we do not particularly care for fabric or vinyl coverings inside the boat, there are a few places where this stuff makes sense. In particular the hull side of the master bunk. Factory Westsails often had teak strips cladding the inside of the hull. While I don't mind the look, if I am sleeping in the bunk on a cold evening, I would rather have my skin occasionally press against something soft on the side of the hull. Bare fiberglass or teak cladded lining might be a bit uncomfortable.

Enter flexible headliners and hull liners. We purchased a number of samples from the folks at Sailrite ( There are two types: foam backed vinyl and synthetic short fuzz fabric (often called "rat fur"). Sailrite has only a few colors: variants of white or beige. The admiral hates the "rat fur" citing it too difficult to clean, and would rather have smooth vinyl. I, on the other hand, the likely one sleeping against the hull, and would rather have rat fur against my skin.

This stuff is also found in RVs. Anyone know of other sources besides Sailrite?

Rat fur samples

Vinyl Samples

Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Wood Shop Tour

Yes, it has been a long time to get here. Recall we acquired a barn in an adjacent lot. This expanded our back yard and gave us room to move the (just finished) garage wood shop, into the barn. The barn's interior has been painted and wired with plenty of outlets, including some 220v circuits, in anticipation of the wood working equipment. Here is a quick tour moving counter-clockwise around the structure...

Here is barn with the main door open.
To the left of the main door is wood storage. Sheet stock in the movable plywood caddy, wall shelf cabinets to store small bits of hardwoods.
Left corner of the east wall: band saw, planer, chop/radial arm saw. The band saw and planer are on mobile platforms in order to roll them into the open to handle large/long pieces.
Right corner of the east wall: work-surface (downdraft sanding table underneath), router table, large disc/belt sander.
Left corner of the south wall: woodworking table, bench-top drill press, wall shelf cabinets, bench-top disc/belt sander.
Middle of the south wall: spindle sander, (another) bench-top drill press, jointer on a mobile base stored underneath.
Right corner of the south wall: desk with workstation, shelves, heater. Storage of small but important bits like measuring devices, pencils, rulers, levels, etc are here. The stairs to the loft are shown in the right if the picture.
West wall: clamps, saw horses, air supply.
Adjacent room houses the 4' x 4' CNC machine.
Another adjacent "semi-external" room houses the dust collectors (one for the CNC machine, the other for the tools in the main shop), and air compressor.

Alright, enough shop talk. We should be ready to ease into interior finishing.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Subfloor Lighting / Steering Gear Tweaks

Yes, we are still here. Some various life events have slowed work on the Westsail. We still have barn rennovations and yard fence repair/replacment going on. But the good news is the new shop is to the point where we can start building stuff. Small boat projects are still happening...

Some tweaks and adjustments to the aft cabin steering mechanics are complete. In the process I have added subfloor lighting (for those times when one has to get under the floors to check things on dark stormy nights). The following pictures also illustrate the assembly of the steering mechanism.

Rudder post with neoprene gaiter. There is a self-aligning tapered roller bearing inside there.

Reduction gear assembly bolted into place.

Tiller arms installed

Draglink connecting tiller arms.

Upper UHMW rudder post bearing bolted in.

Subfloor lighting illuminating the steering gear.

Steering tube, prop shaft (shaft seal eventually). Mizzen post to the right.

Aquadrive, steering shaft. Exhaust silencer/lift will go here eventually.

All covered up by fresh painted aft bunk boards.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Main Cabin Portlights

Before interior finish can reach full velocity, the final portlights in the main cabin must be installed. The original  factory deadlights were custom by the factory, an odd size and are no longer available. We have been undecided how to proceed. Create our own? Have custom aluminum lights made by Diamond SeaGlaze?

Turns out a fellow W42 owner in the area had custom lights made by Newfound Metals, the same manufacturer of the other already installed smaller lights. He has provided me with a picture (posted with permission) of how they look.

We are very impressed with his installation and think the NFM lights look great and do the original factory deadlights justice on look and design. Plus they match the existing lights already installed and are opening ports.

I expect to be ordering a set of these lights very soon.