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Monday, July 28, 2014

Annual Pressure Washer Weekend

If anything so I can at least make a post to the blog...

This year, the wash extends beyond the boat to the new finish shop. The finish shop is getting most of the attention this summer as we get it ready for work. A new roof was recently installed and the exterior is now being prepped for new paint. During this time, I can start planning for that most efficient shop layout, at least, whatever that is.
Site of the new shop.
As for the boat, well, the deck is now clean again. I can report on the performance of the PlasTeak used for the caprail (installed last year). What little dirt accumulated on the caprail rinsed off with the pressure washer like it was nothing. The PlasTeak still looks as new as the day it was installed. Also, some smearing of sealant around the edges of the seams (I never got around to cleaning up), washed away with little effort. Cool!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

State of the Shop

So any significant work on the Westsail is on hold till the new shop comes together.

As for the shop, we have a new fence around the building in progress and will have new roof work scheduled this week. All of the shop equipment is in a "storage sate" (read: useless) till exterior building work comes together. Perhaps in a month or two things will be ready.

In the meantime, the extra storage space means stuff around the boat has been cleaned out making exterior access much easier.

Pressure washer weekend is also approaching soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Forward Salon Floor Hatches

Floor hatches cut, flanged and hinged for a rough fit. We still do not know what the finish will be. I have identified a positive locking flush pull-latch for the hatches. I also have plans for subfloor lighting.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Shop Goodies

Less than a couple weeks after we pulled the trigger on the new shop space, the admiral comes home with some new (to us) tools! Cool! These came from a local boat builder's surplus sale.

First up is a new industrial sewing machine. Suitable for upholstery and canvas. Better than the other machine we have (so I am told).

Combination belt/disk sander. Missing a few parts (worth ordering). A $1000 machine when new, purchased for a song.

A funky, almost folk-artsy, handmade welder's vise.

A sliding miter saw (a bit smaller than our current unit).

Also included, but not pictured...
  • jigsaw
  • shop lights
  • steel storage shelving

Yes, much effort is being spent on the new shop space. But work on the boat is still ongoing (as time allows). More to come.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Old Shop: Early Beginnings

As was hinted in the previous post, a new shop is in the works. So far, the main garage has served as a fiberglass/mechanics/wood shop. There is lots of stuff and it has displaced nearly every vehicle that was once stored (we only can fit the one smallest of our motorcycles). Attempts to covert it for finish woodwork has made it even more crowded and messy.

The new shop will be in an existing structure adjacent to our location. It is an old barn, built around 1900, on a full concrete foundation with concrete slab floors. It will provide 350 sq feet of main shop floor with plenty space in the loft for storage. The current idea is the garage will be kept for mechanical projects and the barn will be for woodworking (and perhaps the few remaining glass projects).
Future main shop space
This is not exactly a turnkey project, however. After decades of neglect, the structure needs lots of TLC:
  • roof repairs/replacement, 
  • exterior paint, 
  • landscaping
  • demolition of rotting exterior "lean-to" structures
  • trimming/removal of some overgrown trees
  • installation of a perimeter fence
And before I can even move one piece of equipment inside:
  • interior paint
  • electrical wiring survey
  • upgrade electrical service to include 220V
  • domestic water service
More as it happens...