Saturday, May 28, 2005

Drying out the Keel

Not much done on the hull this week. The discovery of water in the keel is no big thing. We just want to dry it out as best as possible. The good thing is that we dont need to address putting a new skin over the top of the keel until we are ready to glass in floor joists, which will be a few weeks, maybe months, yet. But, in the interests of trying to get things as dry as possible, I attached a dust collection hood over the 12" x 12" hole I cut in the top of the keel. I attached the 4 inch dust collection hose to that and will leave it running over the weekend. This will draw air in through the keel and help speed the drying process. Plus, it is HOT here in the NW this weekend. Anyway, we are going riding...

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