Sunday, June 12, 2005

5 more gallons of resin

Drilled a couple more holes on the side of the hull. Drew 5 gallons of slow catalyzed, 15% acetone thinned resin. The process was more like "vacuum assisted gravity feed". Resin was fed 3 litres at a time over two hours, catalyzed just before it was drawn.

Five gallons took it up to about 5 inches from the bottom of the keel.

There appeared to be minimal heat, if any, released to the outer hull. It appears the compact fine steel punchings absorbed most of it. And, since it was fed 3 litres at a time over two hours the exotherm was also spread out.

Also, the dust collector, which is acting as the vacuum, may be taking away much of the heat.

Tomorrow I will try ten gallons of resin.

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