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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Build update and eBay auctions

Just a quick update.

Was in Montana, last weekend. So no work was done on the boat. I am now back to work and tired from the 900 mile drive home from Billings.

I have got more materials to order for the next round of build, but, it might not be this weekend. 3day 4th of Julay weekend coming up. We have a strong desire to take the (small) boat out, drop anchor and sit all weekend. I think that is what we will do and try not to feel guilty about not working on the boat. But, the weekend AFTER next, we gotta get some more done.

On a side note, I have pretty much wrapped up auctioning much of the parts that came with the boat (at least the one worth auctioning that we won't use). Total receipts are near $6000. So, if you do not include the transportation costs, the hull cost us around $10,000. Of course much of that money has already been spent on tools and materials for the build.

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