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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Leveling the hull

This morning we moved the travelift in to level the hull. The original block had the bow pitched up by about four or five inches.

Leveling the hull will significantly improve building out the interior as one can then use builder's levels, laser levels and framers squares to do a lot of the work.

We used two of the cheap Zircon water level devices from Home Depot. You run a long clear tube, full of water, along the length of the boat. Attach the sounding device at the inscribed waterline. Raise and lower the other end of the tube until you get the right beep. Then match the other end of the boat to the meniscus. Do the same thing on the perpendicular axis.

With that done we can now start giving serious thought to building out the floors.

But, we still have to seal the keel. It is still not dry. Some hot weather this week would help.

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