Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Resin and Infusion Experiments

I have been doing some resin and infusion experiments in the garage for the past couple days. I have to say, resin infusion is pretty cool. You spend most of your time in the prep: cutting the reinforcement, sealing the bags, positioning the feed and vacuum lines, checking for leaks. Then, when you are all ready, pour some catalyzed resin in the feed pots and turn on the vaccum. Voila! Nice properly wetted fiberglass! With just enough resin and no sticky mess!

The critical points: 1. Address all leaks before infusing resin. Even then, some leaks can be addressed during the infusion process depending on how they formed. 2. Make sure you have enough resin. You don't want to suck air through the feedlines, or you will get air into the laminate.

I have been testing some different flow mediums (stuff you embed in the fiberglass to help the resin flow). But, the surplus fiberglass I have is pretty heavy. I will be getting different samples of fiberglass for more data on how this stuff will flow.

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