Monday, July 11, 2005

Last of the resin in the keel (for now)

This past weekend saw fifteen more gallons of resin infused into the keel (total now is 54 gallons in the keel). That doesnt fill it up completely, but it is close. I want to leave a bit of space for cutting out the top of the keel. I hope to do that next weekend. Once the top is cut out and ready for resurfacing, I will pour in the rest of the resin. Hopefully it will only need 5 to 10 more gallons. Also done this weekend: ground out, cleaned and filled the cracks around the joint between the hull and lower keel. That was easy and took only 30 minutes. Attempted to infuse the bobstay fitting, but had air leaks among other problems. It was getting late Sunday and rain was threatening. So, that task was aborted. Which is probably just as well as getting around the inside of the boat with no floor is very frustrating if not tiring. I think I will try to design a temporary scaffold that will be used to get around inside while laying the floor. Also, I gotta get the fabrication process started on the rudder assembly.

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Maleko said...

I have found your blog and hope you keep it up. I'm in the market for a Westsail 42 and will watch with interest as to what you do with yours.