Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rudder Blade and Bow Thruster Tube

Some of the more recent activities... Pretty much finalized the drawings for the rudder blade. According to Bud, Westsail guru, the original blades were cut from a sheet of mild steel welded to SS schedule 80 pipe. Also, it appears that the size of the rudder may have changed at some point during production as the construction manual does not match some of the large blue line drawings that were drawn later. It appears the rudder was lengthened a bit. In any case, I printed out a draft and took it to my local Stainless/Aluminum guy. When he finally looked at the dimensions he stated, "this frame is going to weigh between 300 and 400 pounds!". This, assuming it is 1/2 inch steel plate (we dont know for sure, the drawings dont say). Even if it is 3/8ths it is too big a job for him, so we gotta take it to a place out of town. More on that later. Started cutting the holes for the bow thruster tube. We have had the fiberglass tube for some time (a little too much actually). Got the pilot hole and the lines scribed on the hull. Was about to cut it out, but there is a jack-stand just beneath where the hole is to be cut, so it is kind of in the way. So, I gotta have one of the yard guys re-block the bow so it is not in the way. Hopefully next weekend (weather permitting) we'll see the hole being cut and some fiberglass grinding happening. Other stuff. Decided on using 1 1/2" Coosa Board for the primary bulkheads. This has three layers of fiberglass roving. Floor timbers will be 3/4" Coosa board. Just started using this cool self-leveling palm size laser. It made locating the position of the thruster-tube relative to the DWL a snap! That's all for now