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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Icy cold snow

Well, this past week has been pretty chilly. It was snowing a couple days ago (didnt stick much). A bit too chilly to continue grinding on the bow thruster tube installation, even though my grinding disks finally came in. So, I thought I would concentrate efforts on the interior a bit. I bought a small propane heater to help keep things warm while inside: - shaped and tacked in the aft timber for the forward salon: got a shipment of coosa board early last week, so I could finish cutting the final timbers. I can now place some plywood down so one can walk on a flat surface forward. - "started" to lay some lines for timbers and bulkheads in the aft section of the boat, until I discovered I did not include a base dimension on the CAD drawing I brought with me (hate it when that happens). I was only able to lay down a couple of lines. So, I cleaned things up a bit inside and called it a day. Other related stuff... - found a cheap router table and router at Costco this morning ($80!). Ok, so probably not the greatest quality, but, good enough to route the coosa board and fiberglass. Portable enough to put in the back of the truck or inside the boat. It also has a dust collection attachment! Save our good router and bits for wood. - Also been thinking about refrigeration. Current thought is to have TWO iceboxes. One as a freezer, the other regrigeration. The freezer will be dual 12v and engine driven compressor. The refrigerator will simply be 12v. - Change in favor of engine make/model. Though it is still very early to decide engines. The current make/model in favor is the Perkins M92B. This shares the same ancestry as the Perkins 4192 (I think that is the model #, many Westsails were originally delivered with that model). The M92B has been modernized but is the same basic block. Low revving 2200 rpm delivering 92 hp, naturally aspirated, PTO option for refrigeration compressor. That is all for now. Christmas coming up, so time on the boat is getting less. No excuses after the new year.