Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Fairing the Bilge and more Design Work

So, the last month has seen the following - Fairing the Bilge. After we finished filling it with resin and glassing over the top, there were still a few divets in the bilge. With the hull level and everything sealed up such that water can be allowed in, the little puddles make it obvious. So, some resin mixed with milled fiberglass was smeared over the top. Much better. - A centerline string has been strung through the hull at the DWL. - I purchased a cheap laser level, to help mark the waterline internally and help position the floor timbers. Well, it is too cheap. The laser, with the crosshair diffraction lense, is not enough. So, I am looking around for a professional rotary laser level (self-leveling). This will make it really easy to scribe the waterline and where the floor timbers should go. - We attended the Northwest Westail Rendezvous in Oak Harbor, WA last weekend. There, the co-hosts Mike and Chris, with their W42 Cutter 'Nightingale', graciously loaned us their set of blue line drawings that came with their boat. It has a number of drawings for the ketch version that I do not have. Specific ones that are valuable are the drawings for rig placement (like chain-plate positions) and rudder cross section dimensions. These will come in really handy. We spent a lot of time on their boat taking measurements, pictures and generally talking with them on what they liked/disliked, what they would have done differently, etc. They have been a great help! So, still moving forward, I need to get back on the CAD system to finalize how we will be laying out the floor timbers. With those plans, the laser level and a few paint markers I can get the survey lines drawn on the interior in a day (if it is dry ). Also, we are prepping for the first glass over PVC foam floor timbers that will be installed. These will probably be the forward salon timbers. There I can put a temporary floor in to make it easier to work on the forward head timbers. Thats all for now!