Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, as one might imagine, not much work has been done on the Westsail for the past couple weeks. Most free time has been spent getting ready for the holidays. We loaded up the car festive gear, luggage for a week and a half, and two dogs and to make the trek to see relatives two states away. But, that is not to say NO work was done. With laptop technology, there is always time to work on CAD. So, with a few days of downtime between visits with relatives, in a cozy cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I was working through more designwork... Interior Laid out more of the interior. Head cabinetry, settees, bunks and companionways to be exact. The trick with with laying out interiors of a boat in a 2 dimensional CAD product is trying to figure out when you run into the hull. We dont have drawings of hull sections. No station lines. We can only make approximations based on original line drawings. So far this has worked out ok. You make an estimation with the CAD software, then check it with REAL measurements from the interior of the boat. As more pieces are installed in the boat you can transfer real measurements back into CAD which helps future estimations become more accurate over time. This has been a frustration when laying out the interior near the boat. For example, I have positioned the forward head, sewage treatment and holding tank based on where I *think* it can go between the bulkheads (I use real dimensions of the Raritan PH II and Lectra-San), but not knowing how much the hull curves, it is hard to tell how close to position the items on the cabin sole (the only solid reference point I have at this time). So, the thing to do is design everything with a bit of tolerances where possible to give some wiggle room. Plumbing Got the forward head plumbing layed out. I am trying to limit the systems of a particular area to fit between the bulkheads of the area they serve, where possible. For example, the foward head should be completely self contained with its mechanics and plumbing. Keep things nice and isolated. No long runs of hoses going to tanks and thru-hulls. The only exception in this case is the shower/sink sump, which will be a tank immediately aft of the head, under the floor. There is no room under shower basin. Freshwater Plumbing Went through a schematic design of tank plumbing. Current idea is that each individual tank can be diverted for both filling and consumption. Allowing inputs from watermaker, deckfill, deckdrains. No filtration yet. Current idea is to plumb a filtration pump to allow water polishing. More later! Happy new year all.