Monday, February 27, 2006

Mizzen Mast Step

Well, this weekend on the Westsail wasn't as productive as last. I had some non-boat errands to run which ate into time. But, I did get the mizzen mast step laminated. This is the "floor piece" that will support the stainless compression post for the mizzen mast. It needs to be beefier than the typical floor timber to sustain the loads of the mizzen rig. The original Westsail construction called for two 3/4" marine plywood pieces laminated together with a wide steel bracket bolted to the top. This one is made of six pieces of 3/4" Coosa Board, each laminated together with 170z knitted 45/45 and CSM glass. Thats 17 layers of roven glass, plus it will probably get 2 or 3 skins of glass when it is installed permanently. I went with six pieces not so much for the strength, but for the width. I wanted some extra play when it come time to spot the post permanently. The flange of the post will be about 3 1/2" square so that should give me some room. But having the extra load capacity is always good too. Next step on this particular project is to trim and shape it in the bandsaw to get a close match to the hull curve. Other projects this weekend
  • separated the cockpit floor from the deck. It was temporarily sealed last year to keep rainwater from leaking in when she wasn't very level.
  • installed temporary floor in the forward head
  • built a more permanent landing outside the shop door. Now one can immediately turn left outside the door and walk up the stairs to the boat. No more step down/step up. Reduces the risks of a twisted ankle.
  • Reconsidering the design of the forward bow section. Once you get up there and see how fast the hull sides converge, you realize you really dont have as much space as the drawing seems to suggest. Still working on that one.