Monday, February 06, 2006

Stormy Super Bowl Weekend

High winds knocked out power locally on Saturday morning. It stayed out till about 8pm that evening. Started reconfiguring the dust collection as best as I could with cordless power tools and the amount of light available. Moved the main dust collector outside with plans for ducting to go up into the boat, and through the wall into the garage. Also fitted a finer filtration bag. Also, added a new 20 amp circuit in the garage. The existing 15 amp circuit that served the whole garage was getting overloaded. Moving the dust collector outside freed up alot of room in the garage. Who'da thought moving a 42 foot boat next to your garage would help free up space ?? Wont stay that way for long I am sure. Next weekend, weather permitting, I hope to finish the thruster tube installation. At least the glassing-in portion.