Sunday, March 19, 2006

Main Salon Floor Timbers & Tank Space

Here is a rundown of the work done on the Westsail this last weekend... We removed the temporary floor and started roughing in the main timbers and lower bulkheads for the main salon. This is the area that will house tanks and batteries below, above will be the galley and dinette. For the lower bulkheads, I used a tick-stick to transfer the hull curves to some door skin. Cut and checked the door skin against the hull, then used it as a template to cut the final 1 1/2" Coosa board (measure twice, cut once, especially when it is $400 a sheet!). For now the timbers are screwed together and are simply resting on the hull as there is a chance there may be minor changes. Which there already are. Work was halted on Sunday as the hull started revealing the "real" dimensions over the ones in the drawing. The good news is that there is more space under there than I had planned in the drawing. The "wing" and "center" tanks both can be widened by a couple inches. Once we have finalized the tank and battery layouts, everything will be jointed, glued and fastened before final glassing (which doesnt need to happen for a while). Sharpening Axes... Earlier this week, my wife sent out a number of table saw blades and router bits for sharpening. Even using carbide blades and bits to cut the Coosa board, they do get dull. Cutting with a freshly sharpened blade is soooo nice! My wife also cleaned, squared and trued the table saw this weekend. It had been slightly out of alignment for some time. Thankfully, she is the one who knows table saws, as I don't (the table saw was her Christmas present a few years ago, and yes, she really wanted one). Summer is coming... It is starting to stay light later outside. When we switch on (or off?) daylight savings, it will be even moreso. I gotta get in the habit of doing some more on the boat when I get home from work. ...that means summer vacation. We tentatively decided this year's vacation will be a couple weeks over the Fourth of July. We will take sloop to British Columbia, specifically, Desolation Sound (this will be our second time). How's that for a patriotic celebration, eh? Anyway, that means we have three months to fix a few things on the small boat: holding tank pump, galley foot pump, computer, shorten the 130% jib, etc. This all depending if we can get the time off work.