Monday, May 15, 2006

Latest Design Work and a Garden Shed!

Well, been working on 3D modeling for the Westsail. So far, I have imported the line drawings from CAD. Already there were a couple of hitches. Rhino, despite claiming to import AutoCAD DWG files, would not import curves from VisualCADD files saved as DWG. AutoCAD would read the curves just fine. This was a problem confirmed by Rhino's tech support (which seems pretty good by the way). The solution was to open the file in AutoCAD, explode the curves, then re-save the file. At which point, Rhino would read in the curves just fine. Though I had to re-join the curves in Rhino which was no big deal. In Rhino, I ran the curves through some curvature analysis functions whereupon I tweaked them to be more fair. I was surprised at how "jagged" the curves were coming from the CAD file. I am now at the point where I need some real world points taken from the hull. I have a couple of laser measuring devices that will help get some accurate measurements. Hope to collect some points this week. In the meantime, the wife and I just spent the last two weekends building a cedar garden shed along the side of the house (purchased as a kit from in BC). The ideas is to make more room in the garage for boatbuilding by moving all of the garden tools into the shed. Thats all for now