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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

20 Pounds of Fasteners...

20 Pounds of Fasteners... Originally uploaded by blobbus.
Received a 20 lb supply of fasteners today from in various sizes from #8 to #14 and lengths from 1 ½ inches to 4 inches. These are square drive screws which I feel are superior to Phillips or flatheads (anything is better than flatheads). A powered screw driver with a square drive bit will keep the screw on the bit to almost a horizontal attitude. A Phillips will usually fall off. These are made of 316 stainless and have a special cut for the shank and flukes with an auger tip. The advantage over regular tapping screws is that you dont have to drill a pilot hole and risk splitting the material (except for hardwoods). An advantage when using it with Coosa Board and PVC foam is the larger flukes is that it gives a better bite into the material. More surface area, less chance of fastener failure in the material (less chance of popping out under stress). If we have our way, all tapping screws on the boat will be square drives.