Sunday, August 20, 2006

Floor Pads

Floor Pads Originally uploaded by blobbus.
Spent the weekend cuttin', miterin' and shapin' foam for the floor pads for the forward salon area and the forward head. These pads will help support the floor and the settee fronts. This closed cell PVC foam is very light, easy to cut, will not absorb water and will not rot. It has good resistance to compression, but no shear strength. So, foam alone will not be strong enough. The foam is primarily used as a form that will be skinned with fiberglass. The idea is to set and bond and foam against the hull and fill any gaps with "corebond" putty adhesive. This stuff is very light and is formulated specifically for bonding foam. Later it will get skinned at the fiberglass and resin party. A bit of time was spent "dialing in" the shop. Adjusting dust collection, adjusting saws, etc. It is getting closer to finalizing interior design forward of the head. I have been going back and forth, but I think it will be a "spare bunk" and storage area. The idea is that there will be waist level storage compartment along the starboard side all the way forward against the hull. A false floor in the bottom to provide access to anchor rode and the bow thruster. The area will mostly be used to store sails, fenders, line, etc., but, in a pinch, it could be used as a bunk. This is very similar to the "charter layout" originally made for the Westsail 42's, so maybe I should stick with it.