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Friday, August 11, 2006

Oodles of Foam

Oodles of Foam Originally uploaded by blobbus.

So we got the special order of Airex foam from Baltek yesterday. Man is this a lot of foam. This is probably all the foam we could ever use for this boat. But, it was the minimum order. So, except for the cost, I wont feel so bad for making mistakes. This is the C70.75 Airex ("the green stuff"), which is high density and will take screws with no problem (though I would not screw any major structural into it). This stuff will be used as a core material, of course. It can be cut and shaped very easily. And resin adheres to it very well. The most likely applications for the Westsail will be: * floor supports, near the side of the hull. Foam will be shaped and glassed over. * Shaping bases for head fixtures. * Engine supports (though I will probably laminate layers of Coosa for that). * Anywhere where we need to smooth out angles for glass (fillets), though I am still waiting on a box of fillet strips from Baltek for the bulkheads.