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Friday, August 11, 2006

Shiny New Miter Saw

Shiny New Miter Saw Originally uploaded by blobbus.
So, one of the more convenient tools to cut all this foam is a miter saw. Of course one of the fun parts of building a boat (or any build project for that matter) is buying new tools. And I am fortunate to have a wife that agrees. She was the one who handed me recent articles on "miter saw comparisons" from recent woodworking magazines that she gets in the mail. After looking around we decided we did NOT need a 12 inch saw (too big). We wanted a sliding miter saw, but, few of the 8 inch saws were sliding. So we settled for the 10 inch size. After reading a lot of reviews, it turns out that the major brands are all pretty good saws and roughly the same price. The difference comes down to features. We picked the Bosch 10 inch sliding miter saw that has - Rotating grip handle - Arbor mounted laser sight And it is blue, my favorite color. Probably the most important feature ;-).