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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More Fasteners, Fillet Strips, etc

Got some more fasteners. Stainless steel. Machine screws this time. With washers and nuts of various types. Square drive of course. Though I have run out of storage bins. Also got a box of fillet strips. These are foam strips that go under the glass tabbing of bulkheads and basically anything that glassed to the hull. Got a box of 4 foot strips. Totals something like 100+ lineal feet. Probably wont use it all. Yeah, I could have "cut" this stuff from block foam, but why waste the time. It's not like I have a whole crew helping me build this boat. Sometimes its worth paying some "extra" money to save time. Also got some more some infusion supplies. That is the resin trap in the picture with the fillet strips. Yeah, I could have made one out of PVC pipe, but again, it takes time. Plus the stainless steel trap is re-usable.