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Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend of Miscellany

A number of odd tasks done related to the Westsail this weekend. Mostly paralell projects that will continue for a few weeks. Shop The cheap garage drawers and work-surface I bought at Costco some time ago, was, well, cheap. Very shortly after I started storing power tools in the drawers, the drawers started coming apart (this thing is made out of plastic). So much to the point that they jammed, and, in order to get them open, you had to force them open, which of course broke them some more. So, I picked up a more durable work surface kit at Grizzly this week. I dont have time to make one from scratch, but this one should last a lot longer. Infusing Foam Experiments Got a few more parts for resin infusion, but the resin I ordered didn't come this week. So, the infusion experiments won't happen until next week. Main Mast Step Spotted the position for the main mast and dropped a line down to the keel to spot the mast step. The step will be similar to the mizzen in that it will be laminated pieces of Coosa board. A number of pieces of Coosa were cut for the initial rough shape of the step. They were then shaped to match the V of the bilge as best as possible. Bilge Getting ready to do the final fairing of the bilge in the aft end. After the keel repair last year, it was left at a bunch of resin and milled fiberglass troweled over the top. It is still not completely smooth (there are a couple of low spots), and the final layers of roving need to be laid. The sharkskin sheeting (thats the brand name) went up to keep dust aft when I start grinding. Fun. Rudder Started researching rudder design. While I have the original drawings and construction details that Westsail used, I have to think that much as improved on rudder design and construction since the 70's. I had been going back and forth as to wether I would try it myself, or outsource it. I contacted Bob Perry's office and he quoted about $2000-$3000 (about two days work) for a new rudder design. I am not adverse to paying that much, but I think I will give it a go myself, if anything to learn a bit more about efficient foil design. Of course I reserve the right to change my mind at ANY time. Infusing Parts I began the initial steps of constructing some one-off parts. Things like the propane locker and any lazarette will be basically a fiberglass "tub" affixed to the underside of the deck. These will be vacuum infused sandwich core construction. So I started playing with different ways to make plugs for these parts. Podcasts So, I enjoy listening to podcasts and music while doing work on the boat. There is a stereo in the shop but, nothing in the boat. I hate listening to a news program about something interesting then having to go inside the boat, only to miss the program. Solution? A LinkSys Wi-Fi Music Bridge and some cheap speakers. These are mounted in the boat. When you play the programs on your PC it is piped to the music bridge (digitally) which converts it to analog audio and fed to the speakers, all wireless of course. That works great, except that now I cant hear it in the shop! Solution? Cheap Car FM transmitter adapter. Split the signal from the bridge, one to the speakers, one to the FM transmitter, tune the shop stereo to the right frequency, voila! Simultaneous transmissions in the boat and the shop! Only problem right now is some AC hum which I am still working on.