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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Infusion Table

This past week saw the preparation of a tool which I hope will save some time. I plan on using infusion to skin larger pieces of Coosa to keep the weight and mess down. It would be nice to skin them before they are permanently installed. The infusion table will hopefully save setup time. The idea is the large flat parts will be placed on the table. Sealed and bagged. Vaccum applied to the top, with resin being fed through holes underneath. Construction is simply a sheet of 1 inch plywood with the smooth side coated with a high-gloss two-part polyeurathane finish to help discourage parts from sticking to the table. The general procedure with such a table will be something: 1. Place part on table. 2. Outline part with sealing tape. 3. Remove part. 4. If necessary, drill resin feed holes strategically. 5. Spray part area with mold release wax 6. Wrap part in glass, peel-ply and flow-medium. 7. Place on table and seal with bagging film. 8. Apply vaccum and feed resin from tubes underneath. Voila! Repeat for next part. In order to help even flow distribution, multiple resin feed ports can be drilled, and if necessary, flow channels can be routed in the topside. Obviously this will be a disposable tool. As more parts are made, the more holes may be drilled and the less useful it becomes, but it should be good enough for one boat. This weekend saw the last coat of finish applied. It will take a few days to fully cure, so next week will be the first infusion test. Stay tuned.