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Monday, December 04, 2006

The goods...

Despite the weather and other distractions. A few things did get done on the Westsail.
Most of the floor timbers for the aft section have been laminated using vacuum infusion. See picture.
Once all are done, they will be ready for permanent install. So, during this time we have also install the mountings for the bilge strainers. Two have been installed: one in the lowest point aft (just forward of stern tube) and one just forward of the forward tanks. This was done by pre-drilling and pre-settings mounting bolts into a piece of coosa board. This was then set into the bilge with a thickend mix of resin and milled fiberglass. On the forward strainer, there is a larger volume that the resin/glass wanted to fill. So a bulk of that was taken up by setting in pieces of coosa just under the sruface. These pieces will serve as a "mount point" in the event we need to mount anything there (like maybe another bilge pump). It is 3/4" inches, and it can take a screw. And, of course, it will not absorb water and rot.
The main mast step has been glassed in. While it was set in a few weeks ago (see previous posts). It is now permanent. Seven pieces of coosa were laminated together and cut to the shape of the bilge on one side, flat and level on the other. The glass is vertical in compression. This was set in with a thick mix of resin and milled fiberglass. Pieces of foam were cut to take up the volume on either side between the step and the hull and set in with corebond. Finally, two layers of glass were skinned over the step, foam and up the sides of the hull. This should be much lighter thant that 3 foot steel I-beam that was there previously.
One last thing before the timbers can be permanently installed: fair and skin over they bilge. I have really been trying to get things dry for that, but it has been tough this month with record rainfalls.