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Monday, July 31, 2006

Working with foam, more tools, purging the shop

We had an impromptu garage sale last weekend. We had a bunch of stuff that was two big to eBay (like mountain bikes, old fenders, some furniture). Our neighbor across the street was having a sale wo we just moved stuff out into the driveway and slapped some tags on them. We didnt get much for it, but we got rid of it. That was the goal. Continued to purge and organize the shop. Should have some foam and a nice shiney miter saw here pretty quick. After which floor installation can resume in the forward salon. We decided on a stainless look for the top sides of the Westsail. I found a source of some stainless deck parts at If anyone has any other sources, I'd appreciate if you drop me an email (through the blog).

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Building Continues

Well, after spending some time in getting some 3D models put together (which will continue), getting the garage organized, bilding a garden shed, fulfilling some social obligations, and performing some badly needed maintenance on our sloop, full time building on the Westsail continues for the rest of the year (and beyond). We decided, this fall, we will put the sloop up in dry storage for a year as we decide what to do with her. Some more maintenance needs to be done, but that can wait till next summer. Next item up is to begin the glassing the floor timbers for the forward salon. This requires a special order of Baltek fillet strips, some Baltek foam, some biaxial glass and a compound miter saw. Of course CAD and 3D modeling will always continue...