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Saturday, January 27, 2007

9 inches Discovered!

It occurred to me that I never checked the dimensions of the deck against the original drawings. The outline in the CAD drawing was electronically traced from scans of the original paper drawings. Well, it turns out that the deck slope between the main and forward salon is actually 9 inches forward than described on the drawing. It turns out that a lot of dimensions on the original drawing have been inaccurate. For example, the original drawings show the beam a couple inches wider than it actually is. I guess some of this is to be expected as the drawings are 30 years old and were drawn by hand. But a 9 inch descrepancy seems a bit much. Anyway, so I updated the CAD drawing to account for the 9 inches. The result is the main salon has been stretched forward, and the forward salon has been shrunk. This works just fine as we would like spend more time in the main salon, and, the bunks in the forward salon were a bit long anyway. This also means that tankage and counter space increases. I also have changed the style of the CAD drawing. Before I was using actual line thickness to denote bulkhead and framing thicknesses. This was getting a bit messy and tedious and it made difficult identifying the joints where things meet. So I converted such lines to standard line widths and used double lines to denote thicknesses. Drawing measurements should be a bit more accurate now. I also added more artistic renderings to the interior plan. The CAD PDF file (to the right) has been updated.