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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Boat Show Weekend

The Seattle Boat Show has been going on for the past week. Saturday was my day to head down there and see what is going on. I must say it gets more dissapointing every year. They might as well change the name to the "Seattle Power Boat Show". Not many sailboats, though most of them were moored on Lake Union for the "Boats Afloat Show" which is now part of the Seattle Boat Show. I only browsed the show for a couple hours, but did have some good conversations with I really wanted to talk to Drivelines NW about the Aquadrive system, but, the did not have a booth set up this year. VacuFlush System I really had not looked at this system before. It is quite innovative and modular. Lots of installation options. This is a serious contender for the sanitation system. Newfound Metals Has nice stainless steel opening portlights. Later this year they are introducing sealed portlights in the same style as the opening ones. SidePower Thrusters Got a good look at the 75Ti thruster, which is what is currently designed. Which reminds me. The beginnings of the electrical design is now posted in the links section. I've ruled out the use of hydraulics on the boat. While simplistic in nature, it will just complicate systems overall on the boat. We will go with electric devices. Easier to install/maintain and there are more choices on the market for this size of boat. Having said that, we are leaning towards a 24v system for all of the high current mechanical load devices. This would include bow thruster, anchor windlass, sheet winches, waste pumps, bilge pumps, water maker, etc. Of course, there will still be a 12v system for the house electrics. 24v provides for better mechanical efficiency over 12v. 24v motors dont have to "work as hard" as 12v motors (to try and phrase it in a simple manner). Work did get done on the westsail last weekend. Forward floors and bulkhead lowers are all tabbed in. Super Bowl? Isnt that the asian noodle restaurant down the street?