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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Main Salon Floors Framed

The last couple weeks saw the cutting and framing of the floor for the main salon. This will support the main floor as well as house the main fuel and water tanks. Material is 1 1/2" Coosa BW 26 (the stiffest stuff). Measurements for the curvatures was done similarly to the bulkheads. The laser measurer was taken every few inches from a common plane spanning the fore and aft bulkheads. Measurements then plotted in CAD, full size templates were printed, then the Coosa was cut from these templates. All worked pretty well with only a couple minor trims needed. The Coosa is held together with 4 inch stainless tapping screws (square drive, of course!) and structural adhesive was used at the joints. This is of course just to hold it together. Next, the final installation will be tacking it down with structural adhesive then tabbed to the hull with glass and resin. A note that the overall width length and height is larger than that on the original Westsail 42 drawings. Tank capacity underneath is approximated at 500 gallons total. But that is a very rough estimate, it will likely be less. The center tanks will not run completely to the bilge, there will be space to run some plumbing underneath.
The floor plan PDF link on this blog has been updated (link on the right).

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