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Sunday, April 29, 2007

2nd Annual Pressure Washer Weekend

This weekend is the annual Pressure Washer Weekend(tm), where we rent a gasoline powered pressure washer and hit anything and everything we can find that has accumulated gunk and grime over the winter. Barbeque, gutters, lawn furniture, and of course, the boat. Its amazing how much dirt can accumulate on the boat in a year. And this is the type of dirt that won't come off with a hose, brush and soap. It takes a pressure washer to get it off. The pictures illustrate the difference. Of course, it doesnt help that the 30 year old gelcoat is oxidizing. If it were a nice coat of LPU paint, the dirt would just rinse off. But, we wont get to that for a couple years.
It seems everytime I take a pressure washer to the boat, a bunch of oxidized gelcoat comes off with it. This last picture shows a puddle of water under the boat. The milky white color is from the gelcoat. It looks very much like non-fat milk. I figure if I did this a couple times a year with a higher power washer, I might not have to grind off the deck gelcoat to finish the deck, as it will eventually will have washed off! (yeah, if only).

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