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Monday, April 16, 2007

Hallway and Engine Room Floors are IN!

Well, almost. They are at least framed and positioned. They won't be glassed in permanently until we have a clearer picture of the mechanicals (i.e. plumbing, electrical).
Whereupon, I will be so bold as to make an observation: This marks a milestone in the project. At this point, all floors are in, stem to stern. Yes, the hallway and engine room floors are not permanent, and there are a couple of pads still to be glassed, but, we now know the REAL positions of all floors and bulkheads in the boat. With real data, the next phase can progress which is...
Even though some "mechanical" projects have already started (driveline, rudder, steering, tanks), other mechanical projects can now begin. In fact, we NEED a clearer picture of some mechanics before things like tanks and batteries can progress. Such projects are: Cabin heating, A/C, plumbing runs, and electrical runs. So, more time needs to be focused on design of those systems. We need to start narrowing down what our requirements are and what products will best fill those requirements.
Generally, gather more information on product, and spend more time in front of the drawings is what the work will involve in the next few weeks. So, the next few blog entries may be more design oriented, instead of real construction pictures. You have been warned.
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