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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heavy Metal

Received the rudder shoe from the folks at Port Townsend Foundry today. They did a great job. I dropped off the rough pattern to them a couple months ago, but they were so backed up with business, they just now finished it. Good for them I suppose. I hear a lot of foundry/casting business is going overseas. Regardless, with the price of copper going up, the price of bronze is really expensive. Cathy, one of the owners of the foundry, said the price changes weekly and it never goes down. They have cool little operation and make very nice bronze marine hardware.
In this picture, the finished shoe is in the foreground and the pattern is in the background. The pattern was made from a rough pattern from the previous owner of this hull. PTF trimmed it down and rounded the edges, etc.
Still, compared to the original factory Westsail 42 rudder shoes, this one is pretty beefy. 15 pounds total weight, about $1300 in material and labor.
A bit frustrating though as about a pound or two will be lost when it gets machined for the mounting holes and rudder post receiver.
Oh well.
So, if any of you W42 owners out there need a rudder shoe, I have a pattern that will fit just nicely!

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