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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Main Salon Floors are IN!

After a couple weekends of cutting, framing and glassing, the main salon floors are permanently in! As mentioned in the previous post, the supports are 1 1/2" coosa board. Framed using structural adhesive and 4 inch stainless tapping screws. For the final set-in, the framed section was blocked up a couple inches on the bilge using a floor jack, and a bead of structural adhesive was laid on the footprint against the hull. Then the section was lowered back onto the hull and adhesive allowed to cure. The vertical right-angle joints between supports were given two layers of glass tabbing on all sides. Four layers of glass tabbing was given to where the supports meet the hull, on all sides. The only thing left to do here is tabbing around the outer perimeter, which won't happen until the end matching upper bulkheads go in. When done, that will be tabbed with four layers as well. Comparing this installation to the one done by the previous owner, these floors should not budge. Recall the original plywood installation done by the PO was set in using 3 inch tabs of single layer of 8oz fiberglass cloth WITH NO MAT. I have a feeling 4 layers of tabs up to 9 inches wide, of 17 oz biaxial glass stiched with mat will hold much better. With this done, real numbers are now available to get started on the fuel and fresh water tank system. On a side note, the floor plan PDF (in the links column on the right) has been updated with some minor tweaks.

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