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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Design and the return of Rhino

As previously mentioned, more efforts are being spent on design. Mechanical desgin in particular. This will involve extensive use of Rhino 3D modeling. With floors permanently in I can use rhino to get a fairly accurate spatial representation of the interior (within an inch). This will greatly help the layout process for things like plumbing runs, pumps, heaters, etc. The picture shown here shows the floor supports with tanks in.

I am not too worried about the accurate representation of the hull. If I can get "close" that is fine. It is not like a hull plug will be generated from this model. The intent is to help get an idea of where there is room for things before they are installed. It is a bit challenging using only 2D CAD.

This will also serve to help get a good visual representation when we start thinking about the finishing details on the interior.

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