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Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Heavy Metal

Recall that the Westsail did not come with a rudder and we had a new one designed. Well the first parts are in. The large center plate and seven "cross section" webs were cut this week. They were cut by local waterjet cutter JetPoint Technologies. Waterjet cutting uses a sharp stream of high pressure water with dissolved abrasives to get a clean precise cut. Simply cutting these pieces by a torch would not be possible as there is a 1/4" slot in the 5/8" thick webs that must be close tolerance to fit over the center plate. The waterjet process is driven by CAD files for each piece cut. The CAD files were created by copying objects directly off of the rudder designe CAD drawing (plus a little cleanup). A couple more stainless parts to be machined and things will be ready for welding.
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