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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update on Mechanicals...

Here is a quick update on latest mechanical designs. Placement of most of the major components is done. That is, it has been determined that there should be enough space. Referring to the 3D model...

  • orange - sanitation. Both heads will have their own holding tank (20-30 gal each), vacuum generator (for vacu-flush system) and thru-hull discharge. There is even room for a lectra-san (on board sewage treatment) for each head if we so desire (undecided right now).
  • purple - Propane cylinders, dive cylinders, dive compressor and A/C. That is a small 7000 btu A/C unit. Not shown in the model is a 16,000 btu unit under the fore dinette settee, serving the main and forward salon. Again, the dive and a/c stuff are optional. We are making room for it should we decide.
  • olive - diesel tanks
  • dark green - batteries, room for 14 tall golf cart batteries or six 4D batteries.
  • dark blue - water tanks, not shown is another water tank under the batteries

Still working on the plumbing runs a bit.

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