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Saturday, September 29, 2007

ABYC Electric Chick

ABYC is the American Boat and Yacht Council and is the primary standards body in the US for recreational boat builders. While we have been members of ABYC for sometime now, the only thing we have really "got" out of membership is the big paper binder of published standards.
Last weekend, my wife started a 7 weekend course on ABYC electrical standards. It covers DC and AC systems and goes down to the details like the minimum tension of a crimped ring terminal on a wire. This is good as the electrics of modern boats is continually changing and there is a lot of stuff to know. Me, I only have my AC and DC circuit basics from my Univeristy Physics degree. More theoretical than practical.
Though we are a ways away from eletrics on the Westsail, this will be good knowledge to have around. We are still keeping an eye on the new distributed electrical systems builders are starting to use now. This stuff is so new, ABYC does not address it (yet).

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