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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forward Bulkhead Templates

Here are some shots of the template fittings for the forward bulkheads. I originally had hull curvature measurements in CAD at the corresponding points along the centerline. Simply printout full scale, overlay on a sheet of doorskin and cut the edges. Inside the boat, take a jigsaw and tweak trim the edges to get a nice fit.

The templates were hung in place in the boat to get a spatial feel as to how things will be and test assumptions that were made in the CAD and 3D drawings. So now we have something physical to reference to work out final design tweaks and changes.

The good news is that we have jsut enough room for "pocket doors" between the forward salon and the forward head as well as between the v-berth and forward head (room for such doors wasn't clear from the CAD drawings). Pocket doors meaning the type that slide and "disappear" inside the bulkhead rather than "swinging out" like a normal hinged door. Problem with swinging doors is that things get in the way of the path of the door and knock into things.

We have room for a 24-inch wide door between the fwd salon/fwd head, and a 20-inch wide door between the fwd head/v-berth.
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