Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

And the Year End Look Back Here we are yet another year. I try not to look back too much, for whatever reason, but I thought I would do a quick recap for the year on the Westsail. Here are the more "major" accomplishments... Floors Permanently In This was a goal I set at the beginning of the year. "Be ready for tanks" I told myself. And we are. Floors supports are permanently glassed in, the "cleat and hold-down design" has been mapped out, and, floorboard support and battery box has been worked out. Final Driveline Installed The Aquadrive, stern tube, bearing, and prop shaft have been installed and aligned. Rudder and Bearing This is one I had hoped we would get further on. We got the engineering work from Mr. Perry's office early this year for a rudder design (recall this hull did NOT come with a rudder). We decided to run the parts ourselves rather than turn the drawings over the a machine shop and say "here, make this". At this time, we have all the parts, except for one, before we commence welding the rudder frame. The rudder bearing housing has been fitted however and will get the final glassing soon. Gudgeon We took delivery of our custom cast bronze lower gudgeon for the rudder. Had it machined and fitted. It awaits the assembly of the rudder frame before final installation. Shop Of course the shop is always undergoing refinement. My dad assisted me last fall with the installation of a deck under the stern of the boat, outside the shop door. This gives much needed "shop floor space" that we are already low on. Doesn't seem like much. But, we did have a big distraction this last year. The small boat. While we anticipated work on it, we did not expect the time it would take. It probably took away about 4 calendar months of work from the Westsail. Oh well, the small boat is now set to go and should keep us on the water for the next few years without any major maintenance (need those canvas covers for the varnish!!). The Year Ahead While I don't like to hold myself to goals on big projects like this one, there are a few things I want have "done" (as close as possible) before the end of 2008.
  • Bulkheads. Templates are already cut and fitted.
  • Steering. I already have the general design for the steering system. Once the rudder frame is welded, we can start acquiring the parts for the steering system and get them fitted.
  • Tanks. Fresh water and Diesel. These need to be fabricated and installed before we start building up over the main salon.
Generally, I would like to have the interior "roughed in" by then end of 2008. Current plan is to have a designer sketch out an interior "style" before we begin the finish work in 2009. Well, that's it for now, Happy Holidays everyone.

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