Monday, May 14, 2007

Peeling Away The Onion

Here is an update on the 3D modelling. The pictures here show things as if you were to peel away the hull, deck, floors, bulkheads, right down to the tanks and stuff underneath. These were generated using Rhino's stock renderer. You kind of miss the detail in the grey-scale and the lighting is not very photorealistic. I may pop for some of the more advanced renderers to get some better pictures.Obviously, I do not have the cockpit modelled yet. Not such a big deal right now as we are mostly interested in modelling the living areas. The only thing under the cockpit is the engine room.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sit n Spin

As was mentioned earlier. We are/will be doing more electronic design than physical construction over the coming weeks. Here is a sample of the 3D analysis that is being done to determine optimal runs for plumbing and verify placements/sizes of interior cabinetry. The model shown here is built up from "real" locations taken from the floor supports already installed. Therefore, the bulkheads in the model, though not installed, are actual as far as where they will be placed. Its hard to notice, but the main salon section is shown with the floor removed to reveal the tanks. The stern of the hull is a little "fat", in terms of its curvature, and needs to be brought in a couple inches, but the bow is pretty close.