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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Diesel/Electric by Emotion Hybrids

I came across a company called Emotion Hybrids out of Florida that is providing marine diesel/electric solutions. Apparently started by an ex-Solomon Technologies manager. It appears they are providing the D/E propulsion systems for some of the Lagoon catamarans. Also, it appears the well known marine technology author and journalist, Nigel Calder, has chosen Emotion to provide the D/E system for his new Malo 46. Though, not in that "traditional" D/E setup (if there is one). Looks like his system will involve a traditional diesel propulsion-straightshaft-to-prop with an electric motor optionally driving the shaft via a belt system. Presumeably there will be some sort of clutch mechanism to disengage the standard diesel and engage the electric motor. The press release says the installation should be done by the spring of this year. I expect Mr. Calder will be doing a series of articles on this in Professional Boatbuilder. I am certainly looking forward to this. What will be interesting is that I know Calder has chosen AirPax's EPlex system for his boats distributed power switching. EPlex is something I am very interested in for the Westsail. EMotion has announced their system integration with EPlex. So I will be keeping a close eye on Calder's installation and performance reports.
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Click here for some YouTube info posted by the Emotionhybrids people. Some interesting technical info.

Update: Since this post writing, it was discovered that Nigel Calder in fact chose Capi2 as the digital switching system. Not ePlex.
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