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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Floor Plan Updated

It now reflects the vberth changes. Also, the diesel cabin heater has been moved from the main salon/forward salon "half height" bulkhead to the foward salon/forward head bulkhead on the port side. A couple reasons for this... 1. Original location had the flues within "grabbing" range. While underway, in bumpy conditions, when the heater is running, one might be tempted to grab the exhaust flue instead of the pole. That might not feel too good and be poor for crew morale. 2. The forward port settee necessarily narrows due to the 24 inch wide door to the head. This is a bit too small for a place to sit, and, when used as a bunk, is a bit cramped. 3. The new place offers a better place for the "chimney" topsides. The original location would be in the way on deck. Generally, the chimney is going to get in the way of something, wherever you put it, but I think the new location is better. These changes mean the forward salon port settee cannot be converted to a bunk as was originally planned. The solution to that problem is to cut a "footwell" through the half-height bulkhead between the main and forward salon, under the forward dinette settee. This should provide enough length for a comfortable bunk, at the expense of some storage under the dinette. One downside to this change is it moves the heating source away from the center towards the forward of the living area. The main salon will get less heat from the heater. I am thinking that, since we are planning hydronic heating and AC with ducts near the new diesel heater location, maybe some creative ducting and reversable fans could be used to help distribute the heat throughout. Not sure about that one. Have to work on it some more. Here is a picture of another W42 where the heater is in the same location.
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