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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Math is Hard

You wouldn't expect to hear that from someone who graduated with a degree in math and physics... Now, I ain't a boat builder, or house builder, or have a lot of experience at something like cabinet making, but I got B's in high school geometry. You know, where you learn all the rules for angles?
Well, this weekend I was assembling the framing for the upper V-berth bunk. It is basically a paralellogram with an angle of 28 degrees. So, this means that the miter saw would will get heavy use when cutting material for the corners. For some reason, (maybe because I havent really used geometry since high school) I kept getting the angles wrong. Sometimes I would inadvertently flip the piece to be cut and/or cut the angle on the wrong side. When dealing with square cuts (at 90 degrees), flipping a piece usually doesnt matter. But, once you are off that 90, a whole new world is opened up.
And, to make matters worse, after correcting the mistake, you end up cutting off twice the amount of material than you would otherwise. And, the more the angle is off the 90, the more material is wasted. When dealing with "not-the-most-cheapest-stuff" like Coosa board, it gets a little frustrating.
I am hoping more experience with the miter saw will get me over this hurdle.
In the meantime, there is a pile of odd-size Coosa board triangles next to the miter saw that is multiplying (at least I remember how to multiply).
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