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Monday, February 18, 2008

V-Berth Roughed In...

...for the most part. All pieces have been cut, fitted and screwed together. Glueing and a little bit of glassing still needs to be done before finish work, but it is still too cold to be playing with resin. Maybe in a month or two. The upper bunk frame, however, has been "glued and screwed" together. It is made from fiberglass equal leg stock around the perimeter to make it very stiff with coosa cross-members that are supported with pads along the port side where they meet the hull. With supporting cleats on the fore and aft bulkheads, it is designed to allow removal on those (hopefully rare) occasions when we need lots of room to get into the lower chain locker underneath the lower berth. The surface of the upper bunk, when chosen, will be bonded to the crossmembers which will make it even more stiff. Material for this surface might be coosa or honeycomb, don't know yet. The forward bulkhead separating the v-berth from the upper chain locker is screwed in for the moment and will not get final glassing until we have a clearer picture of the ground tackle setup. The choice of anchor windlass (not yet chosen) will dictate the position of the hawse pipe which will run behind the bulkhead. So we need to be able to open things up when we get to that point. The bulkhead will have two access hatches. A large rectangular hatch, positive locking, weather sealed (not necessarily watertight) will be installed in the upper section, above the upper bunk, near the deck. This will allow access to the upper chain locker from the inside (at this time we do not have access from the deck in the plan, just the chain pipes). And, towards the bottom where the 'v' converges, there will be a smaller access hatch underneath the upper bunk. The plywood and the white particle board shown in the pictures are temporary. When the glassing is done, the v-berth will be ready for finishing. Finishing will involve painting the inside compartments, laminating the exposed the faces of the of the bulkheads, painting the upper bunk and trimming everything out with wood. The style of finish we have not decided yet, but it will be a while before we get there.
Building A Westsail 42: V-Berth Rough-In

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