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Monday, March 31, 2008

Fiberglass Tank Fabrication Part II

Did some more work on the tank this weekend. The edges of the tank were faired with compound, sanded smooth, then painted with epoxy to give a slick surface. Then, glass was cut and fitted. Two layers of glass. Also, "bulking material", was added in each panel. This material is a spongy sort of material that is designed to be inter laminar. It absorbs resin and provides extra stiffness when cured. Over the glass goes the peel-ply, flow medium and the bag. Implosion! Once the vacuum pump was attached, turned on, and leaks around the sealing tape fixed, the bag started to implode the mold. This meant that there was an air leak into the inside of the mold. Something I was hoping would not happen. No worries, it can be salvaged. Details coming soon. Stay tuned for part III.

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