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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Got Glass?

300 Pounds of Fiberglass

We ran out of bulk glass last week. The last time we ordered this stuff it was sold in quantities measured by the yard (that order was about 50 yards). I thought that was a lot then, but with less than 25 percent (approx) of boat project jobs requiring glass complete, It appears we will need more than 50 yards this time.

Having said that, and, with our discontent with our last supplier (I won't name them), we placed this order with Composites One. They are a larger company supplying many of the builders in the area. We get a better price break, but there are minimum quantities to buy. They don't sell reinforcements by the yard, only by the roll. So, we got two rolls of knitted bi-axial fabric One is a 45/45 degree weave, the other is 0/90 degree. Nearly 300 pounds (maybe 200 yards-ish).

Also with the order, a ten pound bag of silica (resin thickening agent), 5 gallons of V/E resin, 4 cartridges of Plexus structural adhesive.

This should keep us going for a while.

Thanks to my wife who knows all the industry contacts and places the orders for this stuff. If it were me handling this, it would take much longer.
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