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Monday, March 17, 2008

Local Boat Show Weekend

There was a boat show happening this weekend down at the marina here in town. We browsed some boats to help get more ideas. In particular, interior ideas. There were only a few production sailboats there, but we noticed all of them had this particular type of cabinet latch that we liked. Shown here, it is a push-in/push-out latch. This particular one requires the button to be pushed in in order for the cabinet to be locked. Pushing the button out allows the cabinet door to freely swing. SeaDog and Sugatsune make versions of these latches. But we saw a variant on on of the boats (cant remember the boat builder, except it was in Slovenia) that also required a "twist" on the pushed-out button in order to open the cabinet. Anyone seen a maker of these latches? Also of interest, a used Pearson 51 cutter that had the original teak caprail replaced with stainless steel plate (full perimeter). Looked nice, but that really must have cost something.
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