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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mechanical Drawings Updated

Some of the drawing PDFs (see sidebar links) have been updated. Recently started mocking up the forward head in doorskin to verify sizes and proportions. After standing in front of it in the boat and having discussions, the general layout seems to be what was visioned on the drawing. Got some new ideas for finishing work (still a ways off), but now we can at least start planning for head plumbing as it appears we will have space for the system we want. Related to the forward head, the holding tank will be an odd size and no company makes a tank off-the-shelf that is even close. So, I will be drawing on my experience (?) with resin infusion to make a custom fiberglass holding tank. No, I could lay it up by hand, but this will give me more experience with infusion and mold making. As it is just a holding tank, any cosmetic screw ups are no big deal. More on that later.
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