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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Thoughts on Stern Pulpit

How can you easily accommodate a boarding ladder, dinghy davits, clear side decks, and still have reasonable mounting space on your stern pulpit for other safety gear and doo-dads? And still have it fit the lines of the boat? The drawings below is what I have come up with so far. Idea taken from the design of a similar shaped boat pictured at the bottom. The idea is essentially a swim step "elevated to deck level" that "wraps around" the stern. Integrated into the step is a hinged boarding ladder that can be "dropped". The frame for the step is high enough such that simple davits can be installed using blocks (pulleys) to raise and lower the dinghy (when coastal cruising). With the boat being a ketch, the step can extend aft enough to provide end-boom sheeting for the mizzen (gives best mechanical advantage). My wife is not sure about it, but I think it looks decent. Certainly better than a big radar arch and/or hinged/folding davit structures for the dinghy. No?


Gary said...

Makes the boat look like a wannabee super yacht!

w42 said...

Yeah, the drop ladder kind of makes it look that way, eh?

Gary said...

Yeah....what about in a following sea? Huge spout of water comes up the ladder slot?

boatgeeks said...

That was issue was not forgotten. The decking on the pulpit would NOT be solid. Rather, it would be something like fiberglass grate with 1 inch square hole pattern. It would quite readily allow water through, regardless if it came from above or below.

And, the dinghy would NOT be stowed there while offshore or in big seas. It would go on deck. Davits would only be used for inshore areas.