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Monday, March 03, 2008

V-Berth Roughed in (Finally)

Recall from a previous post that the V-berth was roughed in save for some glass work. Well, with the newly stocked fiberglass and resin, I was able to finish the glass work. This involved glassing in the aft cleats against the hull to support the berth's surface. The base support of the cleats are shaped from Airex foam with a top piece cut from Coosa. The Coosa will provide better "bite" for any tapping screw for hinges that we may want to install. Generally it went like this
  • shape the airex foam and coosa to the hull. Miter the ends and route a generous round over on the exposed edges.
  • apply corebond to the surface of the hull where the cleats will be attached.
  • Generously wet out the surface of the foam.
  • Set foam into the corebond. Spread out and/or remove excess corebond with a putty knife.
  • Layer wetted glass over the foam and against the hull.

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