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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Annual Pressure Wash Weekend

Yes, fairweather comes to the PNW. At least for a couple days. Rented a 3600 PSI pressure washer and took it to the Westsail, and other things around the yard. This washer was more powerful than the one we used last year. Unfortunately, it was not powerful enough to remove the gelcoat from the deck, which I was kind of hoping (that is a joke by the way, I am still NOT looking forward to grinding off the waffle pattern nonskid from the deck.) Also, the tape I had been using to seal the hull/deck joint to keep the water out had been failing. The UV ultimately got to it. I was surprise it lasted as long as it did. Unfortunately it left a lot of sticky adhesive residue which the pressure washer could not remove. Not a big deal at this time. But I do need to devise an alternate method for keeping the rain out before it comes.
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