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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some Assembly Required

Rudder Frame is DONE!
Got the final rudder welding done over the weekend. Many thanks for Bob and Jan over at Fidalgo Machine, who, not only did the final welding, but also machined many of the bits. Special thanks to Bob for putting up with my questions about all the machining he does. I would love to have a shop like that to play in. If I only had the time.

Anyway, here are the shots of the final welding and the trailing edge G-10 plate. Bob indicated he never built a rudder this heavy and complex (marine rudders and shafting are his specialty). He christened the rudder "La Bamba". A long story that maybe I will post later.

Over The Hump
With the frame now welded, the remaining task for the rudder is lamination. It will be shaped with structural foam, and laminated with about 5 layers of glass. The good news is, we already have those materials, so remaining costs for the rudder is almost zero. Somewhat comforting after paying for the engineering, stainless and machining for the frame up to this point.

1 comment:

GB said...

Good progress - keep it up!
We started a similar blog about our project
Nothing near as big of a project as yours but much more work than we originally anticipated. Its funny, I dread going to the boat on fiberglass sanding days but somehow enjoy it when I'm working.